Social Media Background Checks. Legal or not?

No official legislation prohibits companies from looking into social media websites while performing background checks of potential or current job employees. Unfortunately, labor law specialists that are well-versed with prospective national and state employment discrimination laws claim an invasion of consumer’s privacy is in question.

There are a few concerns regarding the legality of background checking of social media profiles. Like a lot of things, it is not a great deal background checking, awareness is the difficulty, it is really what you are doing with some of the info you uncover inside the process. For instance, some profiles will offer away a protected status that was not obvious before (for instance, a spiritual association or nationwide origin). This can open burden should you decide refuse the prospect. Social media marketing supplies a gold mine of knowledge to utilize in work lawsuits.

The Federal Trade Commission gave permission to operate background checks of individuals’ web and social media marketing history. Based on the FTC, social media marketing background checks come into accordance when using the Fair Credit Reporting Operate.

The Equal Job Employment Opportunity Commission reminds companies and HR that the similar queries you can not ask in interviews are relevant in social networking sites background checks.

The greatest option to shield yourself will be to get permission from all prospects you are going to review.

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New law enforcement tool: Facebook background checks

fingerprint image using FacebookSeveral Nebraska law enforcement agencies have recognized Facebook® as a new crime fighting tool in tracking down criminals.

It has enabled them to recognize a female who filled up at a gas station and left with no intention to pay.

Most importantly, it found a sex offender that had been labeled “fugitive” status whom authorities were unable to locate by traditional means. Face recognition image software identified the sex offender and his current whereabouts.
Welcome to the age of social media “online public diaries”!

Background Checks Now Mandatory for Youth Rec Staff
1, 2013, all volunteers and employees must undergo mandatory criminal background checks via fingerprinting in order to participate in youth recreational organizations. West Deptford's township committee approved the measure at its work session meeting …
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Helpful tips on spotting fake identities at online dating sites

Although the internet has revolutionized dating, it has also created a a breeding ground for disappointing deceit. It’s almost as some people developed multiple personalities wanting to be what they never were. I must admit that they are pretty good actors too applying their “humbleness” techniques to their act. Oftentimes, men cash in on women’s vulnerabilities and ambitions by claiming to be a banker or a soldier. Below is an interesting article that helps you do a little bit of a free background check to verify if they really are who they say they are.

Business Insider – Guys On Dating Websites Are Pretending To Be Bankers — Here’s How You Spot Them – …

“You think you’re setting up a date with a recent Columbia grad who just accepted a position at DE Shaw and the next thing you know, you’re sitting across a 43 year-old bartender who lives in Queens with his mom”.

For the soldiers, she suggests doing a quick background check with StolenValor.com, Archives.gov. Check out these other online dating deceptions designed to empty your wallet. For the bankers, use the FINRA broker database, BrokerCheck. That’s not the only scam out there…

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